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Little Wolf : An Urban Fantasy with werewolves and witches, Torrin Pedersen Chronicles Book 1
Bondweaver: An Urban Fantasy with Romance, Torrin Pedersen Chronicles Book 3
Silver and Gold: An Urban Fantasy with Werewolves and Witches, Torrin Pedersen Chronicles Book 2
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Urban Fantasy with witches and werewolves
Jen B. Green's headshot
Urban Fantasy with witches and werewolves
Who am I?

Jen B. Green has lived in five countries on four continents with her three sons, two daughters, and one great guy. She reads anything that stays still long enough, plays piano, and bakes everything sweet.

After earning her Ph.D. in psychology, Jen tried writing a novel for Nanowrimo and was hooked! Her days are spent traveling the world, teaching undergraduate psychology, and wrangling her growing homemade army, but her nights are for writing Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance with witches and werewolves.

What's Up Next?
Lycan Subscribe

Lycan Subscribe

An Urban Fantasy romance in the Torrin Pedersen world


Grumpy Hunter has his sights set on sunshiney Dee, but the past may cast too much shadow to let it work out...

(Actual awesome blurb and cover coming once I work some things out!)