Jen B. Green, Urban Fantasy Author

Hello friends!

Originally, I wrote this intro in third person, like authors are told to do. You know, "Jen B. Green has lived in five countries on four continents with her three sons, two daughters, and one great guy. She reads anything that stays still long enough, plays piano, and bakes everything sweet."


All true, for sure. But it sounds weird like that. So I'm going to finish the rest like I'm an actual person writing to you, another actual person. 


I earned a Ph.D. in psychology and taught at a university remotely for 17 years. But now my days are spent traveling the world and wrangling my growing homemade army (did I mention I have five kids?). But my nights are for writing Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance with witches and werewolves.


So far, I have three published books in a series - see the "Books" tab for details and links. It's complete as is, although I have a couple of short stories I can add in. But now, I'm working on something in a similar world. Mages and magic, and some love interests, too.


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